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Name: Trudy Weimar
Nicknames: N/A
Ethnicity: 100% Amestrian
Age: 20s-30s (varies depending on date in Fullmetal Alchemist world)
D.O.B: April 4th 1884
Place of Birth:  Lintar (near central city)
Residence: Central City
Occupation:  Amestris's Greatest Female Movie Star
Education:  Trudy was homeschooled with books her mom bought and instruction between clients, up until she was "discovered" as a 11 year old and started working for the stage. Then she was taught with the other Kids in the theater company. Trudy took swim lessons in Lintar's local lake, and would do chores on at the local ranches in exchange for riding lessons. This later translated into hours at central's pools.


Height: 5'6
Hair: Trudy has silky brown hair that tumbles down to her chest
Eyes: Grey with a tiny hint of  silvery blue
Skin: Pale and Blemishless
Body type: Vase

Style: Trudy Dresses Elegantly and has a particular fondness for silk. She wears dresses most often and at other times skirts and shirts. she often wears heals and her dresses cling to the body and end just above or below her knees showing off her figure. Her hair is usually worn down though she will wear the occasional hat. In terms of makeup she will often wear lipstick and perhaps a hint of eyeshadow and mascara. Sometimes she'll add a light foundation (especially if its particularly sunny outside to protect her skin) but more often not. She will only wear make-up from her friend's makeup line however.


> Father : Unknown Most likley one of her mother's Clients
> Amelia Weimar  (Mother) A  single Mother, Amelia was a prostitute at the time of Trudy's Conception, As such she had no clue who her daughter's father was. Amelia is a loving mother and truly cares for her daughter. Although she stopped being a full time Prostitute after getting pregnant and having Trudy, as a Pretty face without many talents Selling her body was always the way she fell back on providing for them when in a pinch.

Friends and other Loved ones

> Onya Simons/Owens?  (Aid)
Trudy's constant companion and Aid Onya handles the everyday matters Trudy's mental constitution does not allow her to. They are practically never seen without each other and rumors abound that their relationship could be more than just friends
> Asumpta Simone Morgan
An alchemist who uses her alchemy to create a make-up and perfume line.  Trudy will wear nothing else.  OC belongs to tansyuduri
> Dillon Edgeworth
Her Manager
> Iris Malay
A young Street girl who is actually a homunculus (in the 03 anime version) Iris was taken in by Asumpta
OC Shared By tansyuduri and I
>Deeaire (dee-air-rae) Olare
A child actress


Although easily stressed and  known to shut down when things get too overwhelming Trudy is no Diva. in general she is kind an compassionate and easy to work with, though due to her delicate mental consatution she requires her aid Onya to handle many of the day to day matters other people can deal with easily.  Trudy is a gifted and talented actress who loves her job and is almost always enthusiastic about her work. She is fairly intelligent and enjoys socializing and getting to know people, She does however need time to herself to relax and unwind.

» Non-Alchaholic Champagne
» Getting into Character
» Novels
» Children
» Small Animals

» handling Finances
» Stress
» day-to-day Obligations
» Alchahol

Sex (Her mother's prostitution has caused a fear of sex in Trudy, She happened to see her mother with a client once and the process has been associated with pain and that memory in her mind)
Being yelled at
Being Stung (Trudy is very alergic to wasp and bee stings almost being killed by them as a kid)
Having to handle day to day afairs herself

Spa going
Horse Riding

To be a great actress (dream achieved)


- Although an incredibly gifted actress Trudy suffers from many nervous disorders and is easily stressed by just day to day living to the point where she would not be able to function without out her friend aid and companion "Onya Simons" She has what one might call a "delicate" mental constitution. However as long as someone takes care of day to day affairs for her she can handle life well and is a cooperative and useful member of any cast.  
- Although Trudy can mimic Emotions perfectly when acting. When she is not protending to be someone else she is unable to hide what he feels.
- Absent minded. Trudy will often forget or lose things, very important things, Onya tends to keep track of them for her


» Acting
- Trudy is an Amazing Actress who loves her job and Preforming
» Swimming
- A gifted Swimmer Not only can Trudy swim stronger and faster then normal but she can hold her breath longer then most people too She enjoys doing many of her own Water stunts
» Horse riding
- Trudy loves riding and is good at it, she can do her own riding stunts, even trick riding

Fun facts:

-  Trudy is almost never seen without her friend aid and companion "Onya Simons" how the two met, and the details of their relationship is unknown exactly
- in Amestris the movie industry has just formed unlike our world there is no "silent era" Amestris was the first nation to develop film, this stayed a top secret military technology for awile until other nations started to discover it as well. Amestriess worked tword developing sound during the time when other nations were discovering scilant film. The military saw that other nations where developing film, and that the other nations where using it for recreational use. This started causing some discontent among civilians so the military released not only the secret of film, but that of sound. This gave Amestris a heads up in the movie world. (see description)
- Trudy's Position as an actress is somewhat like that of Mary Pickford in out world
- Her first word was "book"

Back story summary:
Trudy was born to Amelia Weimar in the town of Lintar near central city. She grew up on her mother's hip as the single mother sought work as a maid from a rich family. Never a great worker however, Amelia was almost always laid off within a year when Trudy was five Amelia fell back on Prostitution to support herself and her daughter. Eventually Trudy made the mistake of opening the door on her mom and one of her many male customers and was traumatized. Never the less Trudy had a fairly nice childhood she spent a good deal of time swimming, riding,and acting out the stories she read in books. At the age age of eleven Trudy started to fill out and Amelia noticed some of her customers eyes trailing to her daughter. This prompted her to make a hasty move to Central city. Here Trudy did an audition at Centrals top threater and got a small role. Her talent for acting was soon noted and by 14 she was earning enough to provide for herself and her mother. By 16 she more usually got the female lead rolls. (Trudy eagerly Spent the money she had to spare on Riding, and Swimming) This was when Amestris's movie industry started to truely develop and at 18 Trudy was Discovered by movie agent Dillon Edgeworth got her first major movie roll.  Although the movie was a flop, positive feedback for her performance  thrust her into the limelight  and she met and befriended her aid Onya on the set. At 20 the young starlet had a lead roll for the first time (previously she has almost always shared the spotlight with another woman)  and captured the Public's Imagination. From then on Trudy was the public's favorite female  Actor.

Notable Movies:

The Fly
Alchemist of Jade
I loved an Ishballen
The Colonal's Lover
Maid of Roses
Lab 6
My first FMA OC

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Karasunokazu Featured By Owner May 17, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Hey! Just wanted to add a couple of things to Sugar's comprehensive review (most of which I can agree with wholeheartedly).

First of all, I love the idea of a movie actress character in FMA world. It's a really neat concept. And her list of films is so funny!

I can see where you're going with this, it has the kernels of a great character but there are definitely some points that need ironing out. I hope you won't mind that I use the word "Sue" in connection with your character!

If Trudy's mother is a single mother who is a prostitute and/or something else (you say she goes part time after a while), how does she have time to home-school Trudy? If she's only working part-time, how does she have money to raise Trudy? Is she in tonnes of debt? Did Trudy have to wear hand-me-downs and live without heating when she was a kid? These things would affect her so it's important to know.

The horse-riding. As Sugar says, how did she get so good at it? Bear in mind that being an actress is going to take up a lot of her time, and that learning to ride a horse is VERY expensive (presumably she could only start after she got famous). Also she lives in a city, so where/how does she go to ride?

Sue traps: I know your character is a movie star and therefore popular, but she is getting very close to falling into the "everyone loves her cos she's so adorable" Sue trap. Her extreme ditziness, which apparently in Trudy's case is so bad it's almost a mental disorder is edging into the "I can't take care of myself" Sue trap a la Bella Swan. It seems a bit extreme and needs to be thought about carefully to avoid this.

Flaws: She can't hide her emotions. How can she act? Can she only act when she is feeling nothing herself? How does that work? If she's feeling sad and can't hide it, how can she play a happy scene? Does everything have to get put on hold until she feels better? How does that affect the movie studio in terms of her wasting their time/money? I would honestly consider removing this as a flaw and think about some other flaws your character might have, possibly related to her background, for example, maybe she's obsessed with money because she was poor as a child, and gets angry if she feels she's not getting paid enough? Maybe she feels a lot of pressure to climb socially because her mother was a prostitute, or her background is a source of shame for her? I think she needs some more flaws in general.

Anyway, I hope that wasn't too harsh. There's plenty of interesting places you can take Trudy, but she's not quite there yet! :)
SugarplumTits Featured By Owner May 15, 2013  Student General Artist
Hello there. o3o
Been a while since we've seen an OC, and been a while since I reviewed one. I'll start now.
First, I would like to ask you to explain her body shape more, I know how an hourglass figure looks like, but then you also put "lollipop", upon googling I seen that it's 'big bust, small waist, and slim hips' while hourglass is similar, the hips are wide in that figure. So you might need to explain more on how her body shape looks like.

Her personality seems pretty good so far, as well as her flaws, though I might add one more, or two more small flaws. Absent-Minded is great so far, maybe she could have an anger issue, or is childish, or cowardly. She sounds quite generous but you also have to remember she is human, and often at times, humans have their own selfish moments, depending on what it is and all. =]

Explain her fears a bit, such as sex, why does she fear sex and what caused her to fear it? Is it bad enough to the point where it becomes a phobia? (In this case, it would lead to some mental damage), and 'being stung', what does she fear being stung by exactly? Bees, wasps? Usually, this a very common fear everyone has, being stung isn't something pretty, especially for an allergic person.

You tell us she seems to be really talented at each and one of her abilities, though something like swimming and horse back riding usually takes time to learn, if you're going to do your own stunts that is. So you should probably note at what age she begins to swim and horse back ride, and learn how to do it all so well, which usually takes a couple of years or so, if you're going to master each of them.

Now, I'm going to bring up the movie deal here. How can there be no silent era? Development takes time, a lot of time, and baby steps, just like how our technology had developed, so to make such a big jump would not be very possible, especially not with the technology that Amestris has. It's also mentioned by Hohenhiem that each worlds have gone into different directions, and Amestris was more about science and less industrial. I don't think it's impossible for Amestris to have movies, I think it is, but I do also think they would probably have to take time with it as our world did. Either way, movies aren't common in that world, it's never mentioned that well, and television doesn't even exist to them, only radios, so the movies might be fairly small and new to them.

This is also a suggestion, but you could always make her a stage actress for plays, musicals, and such, since those were actually very common in that time era, and it's possible for Amestris to have them as well but if you do want her to be a movie actress, I would suggest being very careful and doing a lot of research on how movies and such were made back then, and I would possibly not consider such a big jump in technology without much explanation behind it.

Now! For her backstory, her back story seems pretty good, my only question about it is why did Trudy's mother fall into prostitution so easily? It seems she had been a prostitute before Trudy, then she became a maid and got laid off and then fell back into the prostitution; you should try explaining more and how and why she lost her job so many times and why she ended up turning toward prostitution to make amends. Usually one does this because they are at point of poverty where they are desperate for money and have no other choice, so it would be interesting to see if this had been their problem or not. If it had, how come Amelia's family hadn't tried to help her at first?

All in all, everything else seems just fine. =] I hope this helped!
Valentine345 Featured By Owner May 15, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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